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Four of the Most Fascinating Criminals in History

From infamous gangsters like Al Capone, to notorious pirates like Edward “Blackbeard” Teach, there is something darkly fascinating about those criminally enterprising individuals who managed to make careers as outlaws and scoundrels. In this article, we’ll look at some of history’s most interesting criminals and their unique and dastardly legacies. 1. Black Bart Few character […]

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Four of the Most Interesting Pirates in History

There’s something about the seafaring life of the pirate which elevates them from simple criminal to roguish antihero in our collective memories. While real pirate’s could be anything from petty thieves with outsized criminal ambitions to former royal navy men with a chip on their shoulder, the common thread between them is a life of […]

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Who Was Benjamin Hornigold? The Pirate Who Became a Feared Pirate Hunter

Benjamin Hornigold may not be a household name, but for history buffs and pirate enthusiasts, Hornigold remains one of the biggest names in piracy. Active during the so-called “Golden Age of Piracy,” Hornigold is best known for his roles as a captain to some of the most infamous pirates in history, and as one of […]

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Ancient Treasure from the Dead Sea Scrolls: What is the Copper Scroll?

From the hidden treasure trove of the pirate Samuel Bellamy to the misplaced remains of the bizarre and mysterious Pedro Mountain Mummy, lost artifacts and treasures are scattered throughout history and sought after by fortune-hunters and historians alike. Amongst all of history’s most intriguing unsolved mysteries, few can hold a candle to that of the […]

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The Four Golden Hats: Mysterious Bronze Age Artifacts are More Than They Appear to Be

In 1835 in the town of Schifferstadt in Southwest Germany, a treasure from the Bronze Age was unearthed. Buried in an upright position atop a sheet of burnt clay, this mysterious object was found with three bronze axes leaning against its hammered gold surface. The object itself is a sheet of gold, hammered thin and […]

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Samuel “Black Sam” Bellamy: The Richest Pirate in History

The “Prince of Pirates,” the “Robin Hood of the Sea,” “Black Bellamy;” Samuel Bellamy’s short career as a pirate captain was dramatic enough to earn him such epithets as these. Forbes Magazine, of all places, has named “Black Sam” as history’s wealthiest pirate. This is shocking considering the fact that Bellamy’s entire career as a […]

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